Saturday, March 17, 2018

Homework for the week of 3-19-18 to 3-23-18

7th grade homework

8th grade homework

Math Week 3-19-18

7th grade: We finish our unit on angle relationships. Great video below that conceptually explains angles.

8th: We finish our studies of area and volume. This week we look at area of spheres, cones, and cylinders. Test Friday: Click here for a great problem to study.

Also videos explaining where the formulas for cones and spheres derive from:

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

After School Programs at Ray for the Spring

The link takes you to info on many of our spring after school programs at Ray!

After School Programs Link

Free Coding!

PARCC testing for 7th and 8th grades

Hello all,

 We will start testing the Tuesday (April 3) after we return from break. Students will take two tests a day during our morning block from that Tuesday through Friday.

CPS Letter to Parents about PARCC: CLICK HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Math Week 3-12-18

7th Grade: Students will study angle relationships. Students should know how to find missing angle measures based on knowing vertical angles, complementary angles, supplementary angles, and adjacent angles.

8th grade: Students will continue to practice with surface area and nets. We will move onto volume (we will study this using popcorn!) of prisms and cylinders. Next week: volume of spheres and cones.

Homework for the week of 3-12-18 to 3-16-18

7th grade homework

8th grade homework