Tuesday, January 15, 2019

High School Application Timeline

First-round results released: March 29
Deadline to accept or decline first-round offers: April 12
First-round waitlist process opens: April 17 
Second round application process opens: April 29
Second round application deadline: May 6
Second-round results released: May 31
Deadline to accept or decline second-round offers: June 7
Second-round waitlist process opens: June 12 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Homework for week 1-7-19

7th UChicago

7th Loyola

8th DePaul

8th UIC

Math Week for 1-7-19

NEXT WEEK: We will take our Middle-of-the-Year NWEA test on MONDAY 1-14-19. Tests for math will be done during regularly scheduled math class time.

7th UChicago: We will finish our study of scale factor with a Scale Model Project. Students will have almost all of class time on Thursday and Friday to build and complete their projects. They should bring and collected materials to build the project to class on Thursday. 

7th Loyola: We will begin studying functions. We will start with defining functions and then start looking at how functions can be modeled with input/output machines.

8th UIC and DePaul: We will finish studying transformations. This week we look at sequences of transformation as well as dilations.